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The Civil Peace Service (CPS) Programme of forumZFD - Supporting and strengthening non-violent conflict transformation




CPS Programme of forumZFD in Lebanon

Founded in 1996, forumZFD currently works in twelve countries with the aim to transform conflicts peacefully. forumZFD carries out projects with local partners in the Middle East, the Western Balkans, Southeast Asia and Germany to contribute to civil conflict management and working on conflict. In 2009, due to inner divisions caused by the aftermath of the killing of the former Prime Minister Rafiq al Hariri in 2005 and the escalation of the situation after the “2006 War”, the need for support of civil society organizations in Lebanon to work on conflict transformation was evident. forumZFD together with GIZ-CPS started a joint CPS programme funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) with 7 staff from Germany and their colleagues from Lebanon. The support of the CPS work was increased in 2014 due to the new challenges caused by the crisis in Syria leading to 20 colleagues working in Lebanon for GIZ-CPS (7) and forumZFD (13). GIZ-CPS and forumZFD work independently within a joint country strategy.

Our approach

Together with its partners, forumZFD jointly develops local capacities within civil society and supports their projects for nonviolent conflict transformation to work towards change in attitudes, behavior and structures. As forumZFD works partner focused, our role is to support local stakeholders in developing and implementing projects. Therefore, our approaches includes training, coaching, mentoring, development of manuals and hand books as well as complementation of projects and activities. We do not grant direct financial support to partners.

What we do

In cooperation with its partner organizations forumZFD Lebanon develops projects within four fields of work: Dealing with the Past (DwP), Community Mobilizing, Capacity Development and Non-Violent Communication.

Our theories of change

We advocate for non-violent conflict transformation on an individual and institutional level by strengthening networks of dealing with conflicts in a constructive, sensitive and responsible way, encourage individuals and communities within the Lebanese society to reflect on how to deal with the past, and support local partners through training, capacity development and mentoring to enhance processes towards a culture of dialogue, inclusion and social cohesion which will contribute to reducing tensions and conflict in Lebanon.

Partner Organisations

All our projects are developed jointly and co-implemented with local partners. At the moment we support our partners the following partners by training and mentoring their local project staff:

Act of the Disappeared, Al-Jana, Beirut Film Society, FFP, HoPe, Laban, LAH, LDS, Lebanese Spotlight, Sada , Steps, UNDP, WPA, Fighters for Peace, 26 Letters. 

Find out more about our current and previous partners in Lebanon here.

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Lebanon Office

Forum Civil Peace Service (forumZFD e.V.)

Makdessi Bldg. (Ground and Second floor)
Taleb Hobeiche Street (Badaro)
Beirut, Lebanon

+ 961 1 382 490/1

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