Peace Education

forumZFD’s Peace and Conflict Trainings’s program is aimed at spreading knowledge about peace-building and supporting local organizations to integrate conflict transformation methods and tools in their daily work.

By providing trainings, mentoring and coaching to NGO staff members, social workers and education professionals forumZFD's goals are reducing violence, promote social justice, positive social relations and sustainable peace.

The Peace and Conflict Training's program has developed a portfolio of trainings and toolkits that are shared with grassroots and partner organizations all over Lebanon. Participants of the trainings bridge between theory and practice in locally-adapted learning spaces and are later mentored and coached during follow-up sessions and activities to apply conflict transformation skills.  


Why are Peace and Conflict trainings important?

Having reestablished a tentative stability after the 15-year-long devastating civil war that ended in 1991, Lebanon faces a deepening disintegration due to widespread state dysfunctionalities and severe economic recession. This gradual political and economic deterioration has been, and still is, threatening the country’s social stability, security and peace. Government institutions leave behind gaps in various sectors. Consequently, civil society organizations (CSOs) are found oftentimes, bearing the responsibility of filling those gaps and dealing with communal tensions.

Methodological knowledge of non-violent conflict transformation is sparse, especially when it comes to NGOs operating outside of the capital Beirut. A needs assessment conducted by forumZFD and GIZ showed that many NGOs request for in-depth expertise in how to deal with conflicts peacefully and lastingly.  

In order to satisfy the rising interest in acquiring such skills and an ever-growing active civil society made up of organizations, groups and individual activists, we trust in the potential of disseminating and applying methods of conflict transformation through all regions of Lebanon as a way to transform violent conflicts in Lebanon into positive peace.  

Please find a summary of the Capacity Development programme here or click on the boxes below if you want to learn more about forumZFD's Peace Education Trainings.