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Call for Proposals: Special Projects-2 Lebanon

Initiatives and Action in Conflict Transformation & Dialogue | Sociopolitical Change & Community Mobilizing | Accountability & Transparency |Media & Information

forumZFD Lebanon invites local organizations and groups to submit proposals for action, initiatives, and projects in the field of Conflict Transformation, Dialogue and Prevention of Violent Conflict; Sociopolitical Change & Community Mobilizing; Accountability & Transparency; Media, Reporting & Information Four months after the Beirut Blast, many initiatives have been at work to handle the pressing needs in the aftermath, yet much more is still needed. In recognition of these many personal and group initiatives that have been leading and contributing to the recovery efforts, this call seeks to support groups and organizations who want to build upon this solidarity and go beyond immediate relief efforts and work towards contextualized and sustainable recovery. The call considers both proposals aiming at affected areas in Beirut, as well as initiatives targeting the root causes of the blast nationwide. There are two options to seek support, 1) by applying for funding for initiatives and/or 2) by applying for the provision of expertise to support ongoing initiatives or processes.
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Deadline: 31.01.2021, earlier submissions are encouraged; assessment on a rolling basis 

Range of funding per application: 2.000 to 10.000 USD, Maximum Duration: 8 months

Focus: Initiatives addressing areas affected by the Beirut blast and root causes on a national level

Funding Information: forumZFD offers two options: 1) providing funding of initiatives of groups and organizations and/or 2) providing expertise and support in the below subject areas


forumZFD invites organizations and groups to submit proposals for initiatives and projects within the following areas of work:

A. Conflict Transformation, Dialogue & Prevention of Violent Conflict: grassroots and community initiatives for peace and conflict transformation, dialogue sessions to bridge divides, mediation, Nonviolent Communication, countering hate-speech, bullying and discrimination, promotion of multi-perspectivity, and related activities.

B. Sociopolitical Change & Community Mobilizing: Initiatives aiming at organizing and mobilizing communities, social change and political innovation, socio-political inclusion and participation, civic education and awareness of rights and responsibility, awareness-raising on public policy, evidence-driven social action and policy-making; as well as communities coming together for grassroots-driven change and mutual support.

C. Accountability & Transparency: Initiatives fostering accountability, transparency, compensation and reparation, as well as legal awareness, advocacy, and legal support for those affected by the blast.

D. Media, Reporting & Information: Initiatives aiming at promoting evidence- and fact-based reporting and media work; independent media reporting; increasing accessibility of facts, evidence and information on policy to a wider public.



forumZFD invites organizations and groups to apply for support by forumZFD Lebanon staff and affiliated experts. This option might be particularly useful if the applicant wants to address a need but does not have the expertise to do so. Applicants can apply to receive support from experts in the following fields: 

A. Conflict Sensitivity & Do No Harm: planning and review of projects or programs for NGOs or other development or relief initiatives to ensure projects are integrating do no harm principles,

B. Conflict transformation including through mediation, dialogue, Nonviolent Communication for groups who want to address tensions or improve their internal or external communication, 

C. Provision of psychosocial support: facilitation of psychosocial support groups, empathy and listening-sessions e.g., through Nonviolent Communication,

D. Community mobilizing/organizing: facilitation of community meetings and processes, facilitation of planning and strategy processes, and mentoring for organizers and mobilisers,

E. Sustainability and Strategic Planning: planning and review of projects or programme for NGOs, movements or other development or relief initiatives to support strategic planning and sustainability of interventions. 


Process and Timeline

Deadline for application: 31.01.2021 (earlier submissions preferred). Project duration Maximum of 8 months (between March 2021 and December 2021).

Please submit your application through the following link: All proposals are expected to be submitted in English. If you require assistance with this, please contact us. 

Shortlisted applications will be responded to by latest Mid-February 2021.

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for online- or face to face meetings by latest 25 February 2021 to discuss open questions and details of implementation, finance, reporting, public relations etc.


Additional information

  • Projects that aim at inclusiveness, participation, gender equality, conflict sensitivity and do no harm, and sustainability will be prioritized.
  • Elements of psychosocial Support and Trauma integration can be considered as long as they are part of projects falling under the categories above. Peer-support-groups and other initiatives that build the capacity for self-and mutual healing will be prioritized. 
  • Proposals can include requests/budget for IT soft- and hardware, as well as access to international training or workshops as long as these, are vital for the project, in a reasonable ratio to the activities and if impact and sustainability of the investment are assured.
  • A reporting and communications structure will be agreed upon by forumZFD and the applicants once the initial proposal has been reviewed.
  • Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.


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