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forumZFD in Iraq

Civil conflict transformation to empower local communities and organisations in Northern Iraq

We strive to promote a peaceful coexistence between the different population groups in Northern Iraq. A non-violent approach is needed to address conflicts and common narratives must be developed. This will help to stabilise the social and political situation in the region.

forumZFD Iraq has been registered in Erbil since April 2019 for its work in the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan and in Baghdad since September 2020 for its work in Iraq as a whole. forumZFD has operated a total of three offices in Iraq since 2021, namely a head office in Erbil and branch offices in Baghdad and Sinuni (Sinjar) in Ninewa Province.


In recent decades, Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship, three Gulf wars and the violent clashes with the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organisation have brought great suffering to the Iraqi population. Many people have been left traumatised by horrific experiences of violence. The dialogue between the different social groups has been marked by mistrust, prejudice and historical legacies ever since in countless places.

Many non-governmental organisations and state stakeholders currently lack experience. Peace projects and measures to come to terms with experiences of violence must be better planned and implemented. This is where we come in: We empower local stakeholders through sustainable, long-term measures. In future, they will be able to apply the mechanisms they have learned themselves to resolve conflicts without violence and reduce the mistrust between the different population groups.

How we work

The aim of our work in Northern Iraq is to help communities to handle conflicts without resorting to violence. forumZFD Iraq works with national and international experts to support civil society organisations, representatives of local communities, tribal leaders and stakeholders of marginalised and religious groups to help them contribute to social reconstruction of the region. Our professionals are not integrated into fixed partner structures, but rather serve as external consultants. This allows us to respond appropriately to many different stakeholders and initiatives.

Our civil society partners as well as state stakeholders seek to promote a peaceful coexistence between the different population groups across ethnic, social, religious and political boundaries. We empower and advise them in this. This also includes supporting the return of internally displaced persons who fled the IS.

Through long-term support and cooperation, we boost the resilience of marginalised population groups, especially women and young people in Northern Iraq. Allowing them the opportunity for self-determined participation in decision-making processes. We train local stakeholders in non-violent conflict transformation so that communities are better able to resolve their conflicts peacefully and sustainably and thus alleviate social tensions.

Who we work with

Our target groups are the staff of NGOs, women and young people, tribal elders, representatives of religious and ethnic minorities, and communities across ethnic, social and political boundaries.

We work with partners such as civil society organisations and representatives of religious and ethnic minorities and groups as well as communities and state actors.

Project locations

Erbil and Duhok Provinces

Ninewa Province: Sinjar, Sinuni, Tel Afar, Ayadiya and Zummar



Forum Civil Peace Service Iraq

Ankawa-Erbil, Iraq

Phone: +964 (0) 751 842 2342

E-mail: iraq@forumZFD.de


Project locations:

  • Erbil Province

  • Dohuk Province

  • Ninewa Province: Sinjar, Sinuni, Tel Afar, Ayadiya and Zummar