Situated in the center of the conflict-ridden Middle East, Jordan experiences the impact of a massive influx of refugee immigration. After the Syrian Crisis, the country’s already very limited resources were put under an immense pressure, which exacerbated social challenges; Increased competition over job opportunities, major increase in taxes, overburdened infrastructure and strained social services have resulted in public frustration and mistrust within the population and towards the government. This has accelerated existing social conflicts in Jordan and made room for new ones as well.

All of this has urged civil society organizations (CSOs) to work on prevention, resolution and transformation of conflicts to counteract the growing mistrust in communities.

With the similar aim to ensure that diverse communities in Jordan support each other in a peaceful environment, we established the forumZFD Jordan programme in 2018 to assist CSOs working in the different Jordanian governorates, where social tensions remain high. While our office is located in Amman, our team coordinates with our three partner organizations in Northern Jordan and travels back and forward to meet with them.

Our Goals

We believe that by enhancing the organizational capacities of CSOs and by expanding their skills in conflict prevention as well as conflict transformation, the CSOs can reach more individuals to foster trust and good relationships within and between communities. Moreover, we aim to establish a wider network of peace practitioners in the region, from all spheres of the society.

Our Mission

We strengthen partner CSOs in their work by enhancing their capacities in organizational and individual development and non-violent and conflict preventive methodologies. Through their work with the communities, the CSOs will prevent and transform tensions in the communities. As a third-party actor, we contribute to connecting different stakeholders and interest groups to work on a common approach for community-centered conflict sensitive projects.

All our projects are developed jointly and co-implemented with partner CSOs. We mainly support our partners by training and mentoring their local project staff.


Forum Civil Peace Service
Regional Office Amman
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