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Theatre in conflict transformation

Wahj Al Shams

forumZFD has been working with its partner organization Wahj Alshams since the beginning of 2022. Wahj Al Shams is non-for-profit organization; that uses theatre as a conflict transformation tool. The organization aims at changing the negative behavior of the targeted audience, who usually represent vulnerable and marginalized communities; including youth. Wahj Al Shams believe that by involving the targeted group into the planning and the implementation of theatre plays, the expected change will happen rapidly and more effectively, hence some of the actors who perform the theatre plays represent the vulnerable groups targeted. Some of the mutual activities that Wahj Al SHams and forumZFD had implemented include: Shakespeare, The Seven Sins, and Sanafer/Smurfs. All of the theatre plays focused on representing social issues that are actually present in our society and delivering idirect messages to the audience on how we can solve these issues. Some of the topics that were introduced in our mutual plays include: violence against women and girls, rejection to artists and to different people, and bullying in schools. More information can be found in the brochure below.
Wahj Al Shams team
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