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Future Together Now III: Ghaymeh (2021-2022)

غيمة: غيّر-يسّر-مكّن-تعاون

Ghayme is the third and newest generation of the Future Together Now (FTN) project. The project that is taking place between 2021 and 2022, works on community mobilization in collaboration with Women's Program Association (WPA)
Ghayme-Introduction Workshop with the CAs
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There is a need in various communities in Lebanon to reestablish a balance in the power dynamics through open dialogue, safe spaces and conflict transformation. Some communities face violent, unhealthy and unproductive power dynamics that create conflict.  

Our approach

Building on past experiences, the third edition of this project aims to work, in partnership with a local organization, to implement a community mobilizing project. Through training and mentoring, the project equips community activists with the necessary methods and tools on Conflict Transformation and Community Mobilizing to constructively and proactively address local conflicts.

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What we do

This project is working with twelve Community Activists (CAs), who in turn will form a working group, and together will create various initiatives. These initiatives aim at improving and building relationships and cooperation between different communities and establishing inclusive structures within them for transforming conflict, leading change, and being active citizens in their local and public affairs.

FTN III can be divided into three main phases, each targeting a specific objective:

  • Phase 1: CAs are empowered with tools, skills and understandings to motivate various communities to mobilize their society and transform conflicts within them
  • Phase 2: CAs can create and manage common spaces with different communities to strengthen communication among them
  • Phase 3: Mobilized communities (CAs and working groups) are prepared and included in managing their own public affairs and transform conflicts in their communities

Our theories of change

If we work with the local organization, empower the Community Activists, and support them in conflict transformation, there will be more equal power dynamics in their respective communities.

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