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Call for Partners, Lebanon Programme

Community Mobilizing Project

forumZFD is looking for partnerships with two local non-governmental organizations to develop a Community Mobilizing Project through a participatory approach.
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In accordance with our vision to empower communities and individuals “to work proactively and committed towards the acceptance and understanding of ‘the other’ and their needs”, all our projects are developed jointly and co-implemented with local partners. We mainly support our partners by training and mentoring their local project staff.

The CPS program in Lebanon is realized together with the Civil Peace Service of the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ-CPS) and funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Our Approach

Together with its partners forumZFD jointly develops local capacities within civil society and supports their projects for nonviolent conflict transformation to work toward change in attitudes, behaviour and structures. As forumZFD’s work is partner-focused, our role is to support local stakeholders in developing and implementing projects. Therefore our approach includes training, coaching, mentoring, development of manuals and handbooks as well as co-implementation of projects and activities. 

Our Theory of Change

We advocate for nonviolent conflict transformation on an individual, communal, and institutional level by strengthening networks of dealing with conflicts in a constructive, sensitive and responsible way. We encourage individuals and communities within the Lebanese society to reflect on how to deal with the past and support local partners through training, capacity development and mentoring to enhance processes toward a culture of dialogue, inclusion and social cohesion which will contribute to reducing tensions and conflicts in Lebanon.  

2. Objectives 

forumZFD is looking for partnerships with two local non-governmental organizations to develop a Community Mobilizing Project through a participatory approach. Building on two previous projects, Future Together Now! I (2014-2019) and Future Together Now! II (2017-2020), the project aims at supporting civil society organizations to work towards improving relationships between different communities and establishing inclusive structures for conflict transformation, community development and relationship building through Community Mobilizing.

In partnership with two local organizations in Lebanon, the project intends to work directly with Community Activists (CAs) on conflict transformation in their communities. The Community Activists and related communities will be identified and selected by forumZFD and the partner organizations, once the participatory design phase of the project is completed. Through training and mentoring, the project intends to equip Community Activists with the necessary methods and tools on Conflict Transformation and Community Mobilizing in order to constructively and proactively address local conflicts. 

We require commitment, flexibility and openness from applicants for the design, implementation, and evaluation phase of the project. The design phase offers a mutual learning process and relationship building between forumZFD, partner organizations and other stakeholders to be involved through creating together a common understanding and developing shared interests. Therefore, a number of workshops and meetings are expected to take place in the first stage of the planning, with the aim to brainstorm, reflect and define the overall project design (defining activities, expected results, objectives, setting up a Monitoring & Evaluation plan, Risk Assessment). A Memorandum of Understanding will then be signed with the partners based on the collaboratively designed project. 

3. We offer 

  • Training and mentoring for Community Activists and staff on conflict transformation skills and tools, community mobilizing, participatory project management, and non-violent communication tools
  • Organizational development according to the specific organizational needs in the field of Conflict Transformation and Community Mobilizing
  • A mutual learning experience and knowledge exchange between forumZFD and the partner organization
  • Networking possibilities with local and CPS organizations working in the field of Conflict Transformation

4. Requirements for interested CSOs

Financial Requirements

  • Must be an officially registered organization under the Lebanese laws and regulations with a registration number;
  • A Bank Account under the name of the organization;
  • Has an established financial system which operates with legal invoices and financial responsibility for the potential project;
  • Financial prudence, openness to feedback, transparency, and sound procurement practices.
  • Spot checks: Your organization should be ready to submit the invoices to forumZFD for controlling on a quarterly basis or as individually agreed to as well as to the auditor of forumZFD twice a year.

Profile Requirements

  • Experience in project implementation for at least 2 or 3 years; 
  • Work experience in the field of Conflict Transformation/peace building/community development;
  • Willingness and interest to include conflict sensitivity approach into strategic vision and organizational knowledge;
  • Trustful relationships with and solid network within the community 

5. Time frame of cooperation

February 2021 – February 2022, with a possible extension of cooperation

How to apply

Interested applicants are requested to submit their applications until 17 January 2021 to (Subject: Call for Partners- Community Mobilizing) with information on their organization, in particular: 

  • An expression of interest detailing: 
  • Brief description of your work approach and the role you play in the community to foster the culture of non-violence and address conflicts
  • The context of the area you are interested to work in, main conflict lines in the area, as well as how you propose to transform the conflict(s)
  • History of the organization (mission and vision, founding history and purpose)
  • An overview of the organizational chart (organigram and organization structure)
  • A brief description of projects since 2018 and ongoing projects, partners and target groups
  • The latest sample of the financial Annual Report
  • The latest sample of the quarterly financial reports
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