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An Eye not for an Eye 2
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An Eye not for an Eye 2 (Arabic)

A Practical Introduction to Non-Violence (Second Edition)

"An Eye not for an Eye 2" is a light, participatory and discovery-based toolkit for activists, teachers and educators in general, aimed at sensitizing the younger generation for the methods of non-violent communication and culture. In order to re-enforce positive management of differences, forumZFD and Steps offer training on the manual for NGOs, and other stakeholders in Lebanon working with children.

"An Eye not for an Eye 2" is the re-issue of the 2016 "An Eye Not for An Eye" handbook. The new edition was developed in cooperation with Steps - Civil Company for Change and contains new exercises and resources for educational practitioners to convey the Culture of Nonviolence in joyful and engaging ways to children and young adults.

Year 2022
Pages 88
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