Community Mobilizing

Ghayme: Empowering community activists

A protractred crisis in Lebanon is exposing its inhabitants to be more exposed to violence and unproductive power dynamics that escalate conflict. forumZFD and its partners recognize the need in various communities in Lebanon to reestablish a balance in the power dynamics through open dialogue, safe spaces and conflict transformation techniques.

Answering to this necessity and building on past experiences, the third edition of this Community Mobilizing project works in partnership with the local organization Women's Program Association (WPA) to generate sustainable change through delivering conflict transformation tools and techniques.

Through training and mentoring, the project equips community activists with the necessary methods and tools on Conflict Transformation and community mobilizing to constructively and proactively address local conflicts.

What we do

This project is working with 12 community activists, who in turn, will form a working group and together, will create various initiatives. These initiatives aim at improving and building relationships and cooperation between differ-ent communities and establishing inclusive structures within them for transforming con-flict, leading change, and being active citizens their local and public affairs.
FTN III can be divided into three main phases, each targeting a specific objective:

  1. CAs are empowered with tools, skills and understandings to motivate various communities to mobilize their society and transform conflicts within them
  2. CAs can create and manage common spaces with different communities to strengthen communication among them
  3. Mobilized communities (CAs and working groups) are prepared and included in managing their own public affairs and transform con-flicts in their communities
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Previous Community Mobilizing projects

From 2014 until 2017, we implemented the Future together Now! I (FTN I) project together with our two partner organisations Basmeh & Zeitooneh and LOST. The project included training of community activists from urban and rural environments who acquired skills in conflict transformation, project management and mediation. Mentored by forumZFD, the community activists subsequently supported community initiatives in their respective communities. These individuals take responsibility for and ownership of assessing and addressing their own needs and conflicts. With our Community Mobilising approach we contribute to the establishment of inclusive mechanisms for conflict transformation, social cohesion and joint decision making.

In September 2017, the Future together Now! II (FTN II) project was launched based on the lessons learned during the FTN I project. In cooperation with our local partners March, RDFL, Ruwwad Al Tanmeya, Shift and WeLove we are currently training and mentoring 16 community activists from various social backgrounds. The community activists are going to implement activities addressing local needs and conflicts in their respective communities monitored by forumZFD.