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Future Together Now! II (2017 - 2020)

Establishing processes for social cohesion, joint decision-making and non-violent conflict transformation and participatory community development within communities

Father and kids laughing in a refugee camp in Akkar
© Rene Fitzek

Lebanon hosts more refugees per capita than any other country in the world and the increasing number has put serious strains on social stability and the economy. In this challenging context of humanitarian efforts and development strategies, civil society is exposed to increasing tensions while facing a lack of much needed coping mechanisms. As an agent for change, civil society needs to respond appropriately to the complex dynamics and challenges in order to reach a constructive coexistence of different communities in Lebanon.

Based on the experiences of the Future Together Now! I project, the “Future together Now! II” project worked towards improving relationships within and between different communities in the Beqaa Valley (rural context) and in Tripoli (urban context). The project aimed at supporting the Lebanese civil society to be able to establish inclusive structures for conflict transformation, community development and relationship-building through Community Mobilising.

Within the “Future together Now II” project forumZFD trained, mentored and accompanied 16 community activists (CAs) together with its partner organisations March, RDFL, Ruwwad Al Tanmeya, Shift and We Love Tripoli. In a first step, the CAs received trainings on topics such as conflict transformation, project management, dialogue and mediation as well as on personal and community development. In a second phase, the CAs applied their newly acquired skills by planning and implementing activities addressing local conflicts and needs in their respective communities. The implementation was monitored jointly with the partner organisations and mentored by forumZFD. Simultaneously, forumZFD and the partner organisations reached out to key and other people in the wider community of the target locations. The aim was carrying out a consultation process to incorporate the Community Mobilising approach into the local context – always adapted to the changing realities on the ground.

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