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Conflict Sensitivity and Do No Harm Trainings (2016-Ongoing)

Partnership with UNDP on Conflict Sensitivity in development and Do No Harm Trainings

To contribute to reducing divisions and sources of tension which pose a continuous risk to social stability in Lebanon, forumZFD in collaboration with UNDP have devised a comprehensive strategy to enhance understanding of conflict sensitivity and ‘do no harm’ principles among a wide network of local and international organizations working within the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan.
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The war in Syria, that started in 2011, has made Lebanon the country with the highest number of refugees per capita, taking a heavy toll on refugees, host communities and donors alike. There is increased strain on service provision, and  growing competition for sources of income, leading to tensions and frustration among and between communities. Further tensions revolve around the provision of international assistance as host communities often feel neglected in the face of international support perceived to be exclusively earmarked for refugees.

What we do

We introduce aid and developmental organisations in Lebanon to conflict sensitivity through training, coaching and mentoring. To create synergies and promote integration of conflict sensitivity in their programme design, our trainings target different organizational levels, including junior staff, as well as mid/senior management. The participating organisations are enabled to examine how their interventions interact with the conflict and to design or re-design programmes that minimize negative, conflict-causing or -driving impact and to instead strengthen factors that can contribute to peace.

Our theories of change

By promoting the understanding of conflict sensitivity and do no harm approaches, we enhance the capacities of local and international organisations to design and implement conflict-sensitive programmes,  that avoid sustaining conflict. Through being aware of such principles and mechanisms, actors in development and aid provision can avoid becoming a party to the conflict and strengthen elements of peace in the contexts within which they carry out their work.

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