Steps - Civil Company for Change works on creating transformational strategic moments in the process of community empowerment and change. It belongs to any movement for social justice, human rights, gender, non-violence and freedoms. It is biased to development and human rights causes and has a clear stand towards it.

It works on providing a quality model of change through a set of services and it seeks to create environment of critical thinking, difference, and creativity through its actions, programs and services.

Mission and Activities

Steps is a value-driven civil company which creates its foundation and direction of its attitudes and positions based on diversity and difference, equity and social justice, freedom, solidarity and non-violence. Currently, Steps provides a wide range of services that cater to development and humanitarian organizations. These services include: participatory and interactive facilitation of meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences, participatory focused research, evaluation of projects implemented by organizations or groups, as well as developing training materials and curriculums. They also have several ongoing projects with various international and local organizations and partners. A few of the projects include working on building the capacities of trainers, facilitators, animators and activists, as well as developing capacity building materials on active citizenship, human rights, and civic participation.

Cooperation with forumZFD Lebanon

Steps has partnered with forumZFD to develop the “Hawli w Hawalaye” (About and around me) children summer camps toolkit. The toolkit aims to empower summer camp animators on how to create a safe and creative space for children to grow and learn about themselves and others. Furthermore, the toolkit seeks to teach children on how to communicate non-violently as well as empower them with an understanding for conflict transformation. The toolkit includes everything necessary to organize educational summer camps, including practical guidance for implementing the content, examples of agendas and guidelines on how to develop engaging programmes. The project will also provide interested animators and organizations with trainings on how to effectively use the toolkit.