Conflict counselling for municipalities

In the face of societal change and migration, municipalities and administrative districts in Germany are facing immense challenges. Side by side with growing competence in dealing with diversity, the feeling of being overwhelmed is on the rise, both within politics and administration and among certain parts or groups of civil society. The limits of integration management are becoming obvious in many local communities in Germany. Participation of migrants frequently does not yet correspond to the necessities of well-functioning coexistence. Misunderstandings and tensions, and in some cases full-blown conflicts, impair and compromise living together in some places.

Organising successful change

We support local communities in their attempts to successfully handle processes of change and particularly integration, and to manage tension-riddled situations and conflicts in a sustainable fashion. Our qualified counsellors analyse the situation in dialogue with local actors, develop recommendations for action and assist with the implementation of recommended measures.

In the framework of the programme “Kommunale Konfliktbearbeitung – Integration fördern – Kommunen stärken – Vernetzung schaffen” (i.e. Local Conflict Counselling – fostering integration – strengthening communities – creating networks), we currently counsel and assist municipalities in the federal states of Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Berlin.