Fachkräfte des forumZFD im Libanon, 2016
© forumZFD/René Fietzek

Our peace and conflict consultants are deployed in our international programmes in South-East Asia, the Middle East, Ukraine and the Western Balkans. Working alongside local staff and partner organisations, they coordinate projects for civil conflict management.

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We dispatch experts from the Civil Peace Service (CPS) as part of the Development Aid Workers Assignment Act. The CPS is a programme aimed at preventing violence and promoting peace in crisis zones and conflict regions that is funded by the German Government. Our colleagues in the programmes are noted for their high level of civic participation as well as their organisation skills, negotiating skills and their resilience. They bring with them plenty of professional and international experience as well as life experience. Before they are deployed abroad, they undergo an individual preparation phase, among other places at our Academy for Conflict Transformation.