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Holocaust & Peace - Lessons from the Past for the Future
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Holocaust and Peace - Lessons from the past for the future

A Practical Guide for Educators

with Foreword by Dr.Elijas Tauber

The Project partners EIHR, PCRC and forumZFD, together with the pedagogical team of authors (teachers/educators) and consultants from Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, have the honor to announce the new digital publication of the educational Manual “Holocaust and Peace- Lessons from the past for the future": A Practical Guide for Educators.

This teaching material including four Modules (History; Human Rights; Constructive culture of remembrance; Language and Literature) and eleven related Lesson plans/workshops, is designed to assist engaged teachers and educational practitioners working in both formal and non-formal education to organize interactive and innovative workshops for students and young people around the issues of peace, human rights, culture of remembrance and the Holocaust. By using this manual, educators will be equipped with contemporary teaching techniques, sources and lesson plans for creating new social and learning spaces in the exploration of history, causes of conflict and violence, and preventing and combating revisionism and denial. By promoting lessons of peace, values of tolerance and constructive remembrance, educators using this manual will contribute to further dissemination of historical memory and dialogue and prevention of violence in post-conflict environments stemming from social, ethnic, religious and political identities.

A Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian version of the Manual can be downloaded here.

Year 2021
Pages 208
Language German
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