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Title Balkan Perspecitves 11
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Balkan.Perspectives No. 11

The 11th edition of the Balkan.Perspectives tackles memorialization of the recent past in the western Balkans. Contributing authors, from across the region, analyze how memorialization effects the way we deal with the recent past, particularly the militarized one.

How do communities deal with their own "guilt"? If not by way of memorials, then how – and what – do future generations learn and understand from this past?

In an ethnically diverse, culture rich region, what are the consequences of public memorials symbolizing a singular identity, or in some cases, a new identity? Where the exclusion of ‘others’ in public memorials, be they women, ethnic and religious minorities, missing persons (etc), only drives a wedge between these groups in society. Must citizens then come forward with their own efforts to commemorate those who are otherwise forgotten?

When memories are divided, societies are divided.

What can be done publicly, to broaden our understanding of the recent past and move towards inclusion and reconciliation? Read more in this edition of Balkan.Perspectives.

Contents of the Balkan.Perspectives, No. 11:

  • Vox Populi: What is the role of Memorialization (here)? - regional
  • Building memory - Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • New Public Monuments in the Region: a weapon in the civil war of memory - Serbia
  • Personal Commemoration in the face of Public Oblivion - Kosovo
  • Freeing space - North Macedonia
  • Law on War Memorials in Serbia: Nationalistic monopoly over memory - Serbia
  • Skopje 2014: Ethnocentric Memorialization and Kleptocracy - North Macedonia
  • Women in Bronze - Kosovo
  • The Institutionalization of a memory: A brief History an attempt - Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • News & Updates regional
Year 2019
Pages 29
Language English
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