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Interview with Ron Haviv, war photographer

On the occasion of the exhibition Imagine- reflections on peace

“IMAGINE- reflections on peace”, the exhibition is open in Belgrade, at the Center for Cultural Decontamination (CZKD), Birčaninova 21, in March/April 2023.
Interview with Ron Haviv,  war photographer, during the exhibition Imagine- reflections on peace 1
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The Foundation VII invited war photographers who covered conflicts in Lebanon, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Rwanda, Cambodia, and Colombia, jointly with six authors, to return to the conflict-affected territories to understand and capture peacebuilding. Through the experiences of survivors, victims, negotiators and researchers, this exhibition explores the topics and challenges of peace processes through an intimate insight into post-conflict societies. It portrays the situation on the ground through a lens of journalistic experience. Photographers and authors revisited towns and villages; talked to women, men, soldiers, civilians, public officials, and students who survived the conflict or were born and raised in a post-war society, discovering their own experience of peace.

This vital exhibition presents the works of prominent authors: Stephen Ferry (Columbia), Ron Haviv (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Gary Knight (Cambodia), Don McCullin (Lebanon), Roland Neveu (Cambodia), Gilles Peress (Northern Ireland), Jack Picone (Rwanda) and Nichole Sobecki (Lebanon).

The opening was followed by the interview with the war photographer Ron Haviv, moderated by curator and architect Mia David. You can watch the video of the interview here:

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The display of this exhibition in Belgrade is enabled by Forum ZFD Serbia, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and VII Foundation from Sarajevo.

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