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forumZFD condemns attack on Ukraine and calls for peace


forumZFD condemns the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine in violation of international law in the strongest possible terms. We also want everything possible to be done to stop this war and prevent further escalations.
Ukraine Frau Panzer
© Bild 1_(c) People in Need, Nikishina, Ukraine, March 2015 (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Our thoughts and solidarity are with the people in Ukraine and we appeal urgently to the Russian government to agree to an immediate ceasefire, withdraw all troops from Ukrainian territory and return to the negotiating table. This is the only way to prevent greater suffering.

Our solidarity is as well with the brave people in Russia who speak up against Putins war. The protests of courageous Russian war opponents show how important it is to support critical, democratic civil society worldwide.

From history we have learned that violence never leads to peace. We need to put all our efforts into non-violent means to stop the pointless bloodshed. Efforts for de-escalation, understanding and peace must not let up.

We are in continuous contact with our Ukrainian colleagues and partners. Their safety and wellbeing are of highest priority in the current situation. During these hard times, we stand firmly and in solidarity by the side of our partners in Ukraine.

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