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Conversation with EU Ambassador in N.Macedonia H.E David Geer

DwP Podcast

In this episode of DwP Podcasts, the Country Director of forumZFD in North Macedonia, spoke with Mr. David Geer, the EU Ambassador in North Macedonia about reconciliation processes in the country, education, societal conditions as well as the euro integration processes of North Macedonia.
DwP Podcast: Conversation with EU Ambassador in N.Macedonia H.E David Geer
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The DwP Processes in North Macedonia are still on the margins of public discourse. The public policy regarding reconciliation and dealing with the difficult past in the Macedonian society is not in line with the socio - economic and political circumstances. The education system is still fractured and divided among ethnic lines, while the youth is migrating to Western Europe. Moreover, the Euro - integration of North Macedonia has been stalled in the past four years, even after the signing of the Prespa Agreement. However, despite this hardships, there is still room for improvement and more positive developments in the upcoming years.

You can watch the interview on English, Macedonian and Albanian.

The Skopje office would also like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the Ambassador and his team for this interview.

The whole interview can be seen here:

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