Empathy as a tool

Trauma work in Ukraine

In a region where war and crisis characterize everyday life, forumZFD offers empathic counseling. Therapists create a safe space for emotional support and dialogue.

War traumatizes – often for a lifetime. forumZFD gives people in Ukraine the opportunity to talk about their feelings and come to terms with what they have experienced.

Trauma work: More than just listening

The soul often suffers in silence. In an environment where conflict and trauma are the norm, this silent suffering often goes unnoticed and unaddressed, which can exacerbate psychological distress and affect the entire community. This is where forumZFD comes in to address this hidden pain and support healing processes through empathic counseling and specialist mediation.

In doing so, forumZFD is committed to providing special counselling services ranging from active listening to the referral of specialized professionals.

Empathic counseling: An ear for the soul

In order to meet the growing need for psychosocial support, forumZFD has expanded its range of empathic counseling services. These personal counseling sessions not only offer individual support, but also address the collective trauma caused by the ongoing conflict and the associated uncertainties. In addition to individual and group counseling, this now includes workshops and information sessions that raise awareness of mental health and identify ways to help yourself.

The war gives rise to a lot of anger and hatred. Many people are insecure and feel alone with their fear and loss. When they find small islands of warmth and solidarity in this situation, it gives them hope.

Olena Melnyk, psychologist and long-standing partner of forumZFD

Active listening: The key to mental relief

Empathic counseling focuses on active listening. Trained counselors listen, understand and provide emotional support. This type of counseling takes place in both individual and group sessions, covering a variety of needs and situations.

The value of empathic counseling

The effects of these counseling sessions are far-reaching. Not only do they contribute to individual healing, but they also strengthen the social fabric by helping to address the hidden pain that exists within communities. This is an essential step on the road to recovery and building a more resilient society.

This project is implemented in cooperation with "Empathy Ukraine", an organization of experienced psychologists. This cooperation makes it possible to address a wider range of psychological needs and offer effective support.

Theatre as therapy: stories that move

There is another very special offer in Odessa: an improvisational theatre where anyone can share their story. The actors then transform them into art. An innovative approach that creates connection.

Through the crisis with creativity: improvisational theater in Odessa allows people to process their fears and worries artistically.

Their experience, their stage

The theatre project in Odessa is far more than just entertainment; it is a form of collective therapy. Here, personal experiences are not only shared, but also interpreted artistically. This process enables the participants to look at their experiences from a new perspective and thereby find healing and processing.

The power of externalizing

Improvisational theatre in Odessa serves as a safe space where emotions and experiences can be freely expressed. Transforming personal stories into performances allows participants to see themselves in a new light and helps them process their experiences. It not only promotes individual healing, but also mutual understanding and solidarity within the group.

Experiencing community and empathy

This project makes a significant contribution to strengthening the community in Odessa. It offers people a space in which they can participate not only as spectators, but also as actors. By participating in the theatre project, they experience how their own stories resonate and how empathy and connection are fostered within the community.