Educating against the conflict

Peace education in Israel & Palestine

Education is the key to laying the foundations for understanding and coexistence in the long term. This is especially true in a region as characterized by conflict and misunderstanding as the Middle East. forumZFD is therefore committed to peace education in Israel and Palestine.

In the "Tachles" youth club of the Jewish-Arab cultural center Beit Ha'Gefen in Haifa, Jewish and Arab young people can talk openly about the issues that are burning under their nails.

Education as the basis for lasting peace

Our education projects aim to give young people the tools and understanding to work for peace. We work with women, young people and educational institutions to raise awareness of conflict resolution and critical thinking - helping to create a new generation that counters the traditional lines of conflict with a new way of thinking.

Our educational projects enable young people to shape their own narratives and strengthen bridges to other communities. Broadening horizons and understanding "the other" are crucial steps on the path to peace.

Promoting dialogue and understanding

Together with our partners, we organize workshops and discussion forums that aim to break down barriers between different groups and promote a deep understanding of different perspectives. These activities help to overcome prejudices and create a basis for lasting coexistence.

We don't try to force the young people into any kind of understanding. They have to listen. They need to understand who the others are and what moves them. They need to understand the points of view, the pain and the fears of each individual. That is what changes the world. Not that they will agree on the border tomorrow.

Asaf Ron, director of the cultural center Beit Ha'Gefen

Empowerment and education

One focus of our work is to empower women and youth, especially those from conservative contexts. Through educational programmes that focus on building leadership skills and strategic approaches to non-violent conflict resolution, we enable them to take an active role in their communities and in the wider social context.

For example, in conservative regions of the West Bank, we offer trainings for women to strengthen leadership skills and strategies for non-violent resistance. We also provide them with psychosocial support to meet the challenges they face in patriarchal contexts.

Critical thinking, self-reflection and a stronger civil society

Through our collaboration with educational institutions such as Beit Ha'Gefen in Haifa, we promote critical thinking and self-reflection. The programmes offer participants the opportunity to question their own identity and understand how their perceptions and actions can influence coexistence. Such as "The Third Space", which promotes critical thinking and provides a platform for dialogue between Arab and Jewish students.

Art installation in the "Third Space": forumZFD has been supporting this project of the Beit Ha'Gefen cultural center in Haifa for many years.

Our approach also includes strengthening the role of civil society in the education sector. We support initiatives that aim to turn educational institutions into places of dialogue and understanding and promote the development of curricula based on peace education and social justice. The "Teacher's Lounge", for example, gives teachers the opportunity to exchange ideas and develop common educational goals.

We educate against conflict to empower a new generation

Educational work is a great lever for actively working towards a better tomorrow. This is precisely why we work tirelessly here  in the hope of seeing a constructive and positive perspective for the future grow.