UNDP has been active in Lebanon since 1960, supporting the government and people in their efforts to recover from civil war, build lasting peace, achieve sustainable and equitable growth and mobilize funds from donors, to support the country in these efforts. As the crisis in Syria has deepened, UNDP has broadened its engagement to support the Lebanese people in dealing with the impact of the Syrian refugee influx. The UNDP-led Social Stability Sector complements efforts by other sectors to ease tensions arising from the deep impact of the crisis on local communities through a comprehensive package of local and national-level responses, with a focus on building institutions to combat both the expression of the conflict and the causes of the tensions in the communities. forumZFD wants to support UNDP through training and workshops in approaching communities and local institutions to deal with crisis-related tensions so that they can be resolved peacefully without collective violence or violations of rights occurring. It does this by establishing community-level dialogue forums and committees to respond to and manage tensions (www.lb.undp.org).