Sven Reuter

Desk Officer Southeast Asia

Department for Programmes and Projects
0049 221 91 27 32 - 62
reuteratforumzfd [dot] de


The legacy of decades of conflict finds its expression in the ways the Cambodian society deals with conflicts on various levels. With its new programme, Forum Civil Peace Service (forumZFD) together with various partners seeks to document existing peaceful approaches of conflict transformation in order to show there relevance in today's society. Beside this, violent ways of dealing with conflict also still exists and are partly a consequence of the past. Here the programme of forumZFD intends to introduce alternative means of conflict transformation and to strengthen various actors in their endeavor for non-violent ways of conflict transformation.

As of now the Forum Civil Peace Service starts with its programme in Cambodia. If you wish to email or call for information on forumZFD's activities
please contact:

Programme Manager: Ms. Tina Franke

Phone: + 855 - (0) 92 88 42 55