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Cover of Balkan.Perspectives, Issue No. 3
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Balkan.Perspectives No. 3

Issue No. 3: "Invisible wounds"

The third issue of Balkan.Perspectives explores how people in the Balkans dealt with conflict and war in the past and how they maintained their everyday lives during these times. Furthermore, the authors explore the concept of resilience and trauma and analyse which mechanisms help people deal with their past.

This issue of Balkan.Perspectives deals with the following topics:

  • The media that taught us what resistence means
  • Trauma and resilience – a short introduction
  • Who is Medica Kosova?
  • Interview with Nikola Rakočević: „Such a situation does not allow you to think rationally.“
  • Wounded healers – how to deal with dealing with trauma
  • I will never forget, but I learnt to live
  • Scattered minorities? The Kosovar Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities
  • My father, the Spanish civil war volunteer: Collecting oral histories in Kosovo
Jahr 2015
Seiten 24
Language Englisch
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