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You decide - El hall Bi'idak (2014 - 2015)

Raising awareness about conflict transformation and strengthening networks within civil society to build bridges between communities in conflict

Challenging socio-economic conditions, the violent past and changing demographics have seriously affected coexistence between the different communities in Lebanon. With diverse populations living in a geographically small country with limited resources and a weak government, conflicts are bound to erupt. Reconciliation efforts remain rather limited and are mostly initiated by civil society actors.

Community Activist sitting with his family
© forumZFD/ Rene Fietzek

The Arabic project title الحل بايدك/El hall Bi’idak can be translated as “the solution is in your hand”, reflecting the idea of the project to disseminate concepts of conflict transformation where change comes from within the local context. The project, with a duration from August 2014 until July 2015, aimed at changing behaviour in conflict through increasing awareness about the various techniques and interventions that promote reconciliation. Young volunteers from various civil-society organisations working in conflict-prone communities (Lebanese, Palestinian, Syrian) were trained in practical skills and tools that foster conflict transformation and inter-communal dialogue within a holistic approach. These organizations involved were: Citizen Activism (CitiAct), Volunteers Without Borders, Sada il'Ghad (The Echo of Tomorrow), and Youth Movement.

The training workshops were organised by forumZFD together with its partner organisation ARCPA Al-Jana under the framework of the Capacity Development Programme. Through role plays, discussions, brain-storming sessions and working groups the participants gained insight into the theoretical background and the practical application of methods and tools for conflict transformation within the local conflict context. The topics discussed during the trainings include:

  • Conflict analysis tools
  • Non-violent communication (skill-based)
  • Perception and needs
  • Escalation stages in conflict (Friedrich Glasl’s model of conflict escalation and its implementation)
  • Conflict transformation (e.g. according to Lederach)

After completing the trainings, the trainees were encouraged to introduce their newly acquired skills into their NGO and community work. The forumZFD Capacity Development team further supported them in developing their own projects in order to promote non-violent conflict transformation among various communities in Lebanon.

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