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The Third Space Expands

forumZFD’s long-term partner Beit Ha'Gefen opens the second stage of the Third Space exhibition

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Following the launching of the Third Space in December 2018 (more about this here), Beith HaGefen opened the second phase of its exhibition and workshop space in December 2019. The additional wing now spans over an entire floor where visitors can explore the activity stations containing learning new elements of identity and belonging in a multicultural society.

The Subjective Research Lab: in this area of the new wing, people are invited to choose five identity characteristics of the ten that are presented. These include, for example, faith, gender, family role, language, dress, music. The five selected identity characteristics are then placed on the identity representation board.

Particularly popular with visitors, is the Subjective Research Lab by designer Roni Levit. Roni Levit is an Israeli artist who tries to understand Haifa through incidental data and subjective interpretation. Visitors explore how statistics and data can support definitions of identity and how to narrow these down. For example, the installation offers infographics and visualized data about the amounts, shapes and styles of Falafel making in Haifa alongside infographics about the sounds of the city. 

Detail from The Cinema room which presents movies that focus on culture barriers and prejudice

The new wing also exhibits art installations and photography pieces by Nardin Saruji, David Barel, and Nawal Aarafat. All of these art pieces pertain to complex and hybrid identities, language barriers, and culture clashes, which prevents people from understanding each-other.

With these inspiring additions to the permanent exhibition space, Beit HaGefen offers more workshops to groups from all over the region.

Sarki Golani: Director of content, education and facilitation and Assaf Ron, the CEO of Beit HaGefen at the opening event.

For those around, don’t miss the chance to visit the Third Space and its exciting new additions.
Opening times: Monday & Thursday 10:00-15:00 and Friday 10:00-14:00.
Groups can coordinate alternative hours and unique programming with Nofar Londri at


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