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Terms of Reference

Facilitation of the online Regional Conference (ReCo)

forumZFD Western Balkans Programme 17-21 May 2021
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1.    Organisational Overview
forumZFD, also referred to as Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst e.V., is a German, non-profit peacebuilding organization, which supports people involved in violent conflicts on the path to peace and strives to help overcome war and violence. forumZFD is currently working with peace consultants in Germany, as well as ten other countries in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Its Academy for Conflict Transformation offers a learning space for professional, international peace work. Through dialogue events, educational work and campaigns, forumZFD actively advocates civil peace policy. forumZFD is recognized by the German Federal Government as a member of the Civil Peace Service (CPS) consortium. The organization finances its work through public and private grants, donations and membership fees.

forumZFD’s Western Balkans (WB) programme encompasses work in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia, with over 25 local and international staff based in four country offices and a regional office (in Belgrade). Our vision for the Western Balkans is a region where peace is built through the synergies of active, responsible citizens, institutions and societies working toward dealing with conflicts constructively and without the use of violence. Our work in the region focuses on two thematic areas for professional work in this field - Dealing with the Past and providing formal and informal peace education. More information on forumZFD and the WB programme can be found on the website (

2.    Scope of work
In the period 17-21 May 2021, forumZFD WB will organize the online Regional Conference (ReCo), with participation of all staff members and the Head of Program from the Head Office in Cologne. The purpose of this annual programme meeting is to discuss actual programmatic, financial and management processes in the WB programme. 

The task of the facilitator will be to prepare (with the assistance of forumZFD staff) and facilitate online sessions both in plenary and in small groups, and to draft the report with main findings and recommendations after the conference.   

3.    Qualification/Competencies
•    Experience in facilitating groups of 20+ persons both face-to-face and on-line,
•    Experience in facilitating meetings with NGOs,
•    Familiarity with various online collaboration tools,
•    Familiarity with forumZFD’s field of work (Dealing with the Past, Peace Education),
•    Fluency in English,
•    Knowledge of the Western Balkans region and experience in peacebuilding and conflict prevention would be an asset.
•    Social competences in intercultural group dynamics and nonviolent communication

4.    Application procedure
Interested candidates are requested to send a cover letter, resume and the financial offer, latest by 12:00pm (CET) 25 April 2021 to forumZFD at .

Interviews are expected to take place in the week of 26 April 2021.

Interested candidates are requested to be informed about the common values and principles of forumZFD as formulated in the Code of Conduct.

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