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Sustaining Hubs for Peace in Academic Institutions

Learning Paper

Building on the collective knowledge and insight gained in a learning exchange conducted last October 2018, forumZFD Philippines has now published a document that highlights the major lessons identified in developing centers for peace within academic institutions in the Philippine setting.

Learning exchange on peace centers
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In its goal to provide support to institutionalize peace education within education systems and structures, forumZFD Philippines organized an exchange on the formation of peace centers among different academic institutions from all over Mindanao. Over 15 representatives from varied academic institutions all over the island region gathered to share key strategies, approaches and practices in establishing and sustaining peace centers in the Mindanaoan context. They were teachers, program heads, deans and heads of institutions coming from the following institutions: Ateneo de Davao University, Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Caraga State University, Cotabato Polytechnic State College, Davao Central College, Holy Cross of Davao College, Mindanao State University- Iligan Institute of Technology, Rizal Memorial Colleges, University of Mindanao Main and Digos Campus, and Xavier University.

The exchange was also a response to the expressed need of some of the partner institutions within the project, Integrating Peace and Conflict Topics in Political Science. Three out of the six partner institutions were aiming to establish their own centers but had limited knowledge and experience in doing so. Through the exchange, established peace centers in other institutions were able to share their own experiences and reflections, becoming resources to those who were still starting. It was in this context that forumZFD decided to conduct the learning exchange and document the lessons as a resource material.     

This document not only encapsulates the theoretical knowledge generated during the sharing, but also emphasizes the values and practices needed to make the work of peace centers integral in the continued promotion of a culture of peace within the education sector, and in society as a whole.

Read more in the document, Sustaining Hubs for Peace.

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