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The second episode of the Balkan.Perspectives Podcast is online

The Balkan.Perspectives Podcasts investigate how trauma and violence shape architecture and publicness in the Western Balkans

The Balkan.Perspectives editorial team is happy to present in this Balkan.Perspectives edition complementary perspectives and opinions around dealing with the past, architecture, and public space. Please visit the Dealing with the Past website for further information and listen to the current podcasts.
New Balkan.Perspectives edition online “Violence Taking Place – Trauma and War in Architecture and Public Spaces”
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We would like to thank all our partners, the production team behind and in front of the microphones and our guests of the podcasts. In Bosnia and Hercegovina, we thank the media platform Naratorium, Đorđe Krajišnik and Armina Pilav, Damir Ugljen team from Un-war space project and Nedžad Novalić from Centre for nonviolent action. In Kosovo we thank the TILLT Radio team, Bekim Ramku from the Kosovo Architecture Festival and Serbeze Haxhiaj. In North Macedonia we thank Radio MOF and Filip Koneski. In Serbia we thank the radio show Ženergija on Radio Aparat and its author Zoe Gudović and Iva Čukić, Senka Domanović, and Olja Nikolić Kia.

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