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Researcher for Mindanao Histories and Studies Project

Call for Applications

The Davao project team of forumZFD invites applications for one researcher and one research assistant to conduct a research study for its Mindanao Histories and Studies (MHS) project. Deadline for applications is December 10, 2020.
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The call for an equal and inclusive representation of the histories, cultures, and identities of Mindanao`s Indigenous Peoples, Filipino Muslims, as well as Filipino Christian Migrants, is of high relevance in order to shape education in the Philippines more inclusively. Central to this development is the integration of Mindanawon narratives in all relevant educational subjects of future Filipino generations stemming from the very identity groups they concern. forumZFD`s Mindanao Histories and Studies (MHS) Project in cooperation with local partners aims at supporting processes that further the implementation of Mindanawon narratives in the Philippine Education System. This Research Study is supposed to deliver relevant knowledge that will shape future activities of the MHS Project by focusing on three key research subjects. 

1 Mapping initiatives that identify/collect/bibliography MHS sources

The implementation of Mindanawon narratives relies on the accessibility to all relevant historical sources that concern Mindanao and its identity groups in one way or another. As of now, a comprehensive database of such sources is lacking. However, there are existing efforts to identify, collect, and/or bibliography MHS sources. The first key research area of this study is to map these efforts by conducting interviews with key activists and academics that are aware or even part of them.

2 Mapping past MHS Advocacy Initiatives

Furthermore, this research is aimed at understanding past processes that aimed at including Mindanawon narratives in the Philippine Education System. This is meant to understand lessons learned and good practices of such initiatives in order shape current processes more productive and impactful. Similar to the first key area, this process should be designed as an inductive interview research. Interviewees of this subject might be the same as interviewed for the first key research area.

3 Mapping MHS related stakeholders within educational government agencies

A successful MHS advocacy has to be aware of its intended targets` needs, challenges, and incentives for change. Only by knowing the targeted actors within educational government institutions, the advocacy can adapt to their reality. Therefore, this key research area concerns a mapping of all stakeholders within DepEd, CHEd and possibly OPAPP as well as the Congress that are concerned with subjects related to MHS and/or curricular decisions.

Desired output

It is desired to receive three comprehensive research reports from the researchers and his/her assistant, one report for each key area to be researched. The reports should be based on the interviews conducted with all stakeholders. First contacts to be interviewed will be delivered by forumZFD. However, future interviews are supposed to be organized by the team itself by utilizing a snowball sampling.

Your Profile

forumZFD is searching for a researcher who…

  • has professional experience in conducting interviews (through online communication)
  • is well networked in the field of Mindanawon history scholars and activists or is able to establish these networks
  • has substantial skills in creating well-structured and accessible research reports
  • is reliable and respects deadlines set in beforehand
  • is flexible and can adapt responsibly to changing landscapes and plans
  • is able to work cooperatively in a team

The researcher will have the possibility to determine a research assistant as part of their team.

Deadlines and Compensation

The researcher will be compensated in three tranches in accordance to accomplished tasks and delivered results. The deadlines of each tranch will be discussed in beforehand with the researcher.

  1. 30% of compensation will be provided after all interviews have been conducted and documented.
  2. 40% of compensation will be provided after all research reports have been delivered for feedback
  3. 30% of compensation will be provided after feedback from forumZFD has been integrated in all research reports

Interested researchers will submit a brief research plan/outline including projected timeframe and a financial proposal. Most interviews will have to be conducted online due to the ongoing pandemic, however, if circumstances permit, physical meetings can also be conducted. We are looking forward to receiving your cover letter, CV, research plan as well your financial proposal before the 10th of December 2020. Please send your applications to Timo Leimeister.

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