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Balkan Perspectives No. 10
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Balkan.Perspectives No. 10

Building Bridges with Imagination and Emotion: CAN ART HEAL?

The 10th issue of Balkan.Perspectives examines the role of art in reconciliation and Dealing with the Past. Borka Pavićević suggests that art can build bridges, although warns that it cannot take full responsibility for this task. Furthermore, our 10th issue explores the impact of Kosovar artists, as they seek to use art to give a voice to survivors.

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This issue of Balkan.Perspectives deals with the following topics:

  • How can art support the process of reconciliation?
  • Is it possible to speak about the past, whilst remaining silent about the present and future?
  • The emotional above all
  • Interview with Bojana Stojmenovska, Festival Director
  • The power of art in Dealing with the Past
  • The Reconciliation of Blood Feuds Campaign 1990-1991
  • Imagination as truth
  • Skopje's Treasure: The Old Bazaar
Year 2019
Pages 28
Language English
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