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Promoting and Protecting Children’s Rights

Regional Conference held on 26th of September 2019 in Prishtina

The results of “Promoting and Protecting Children’s Rights”, an European Union funded project implemented by Kosovo Education Center (KEC) in partnership with the forumZFD Kosovo Program, were presented in a Regional Conference held on 26th of September 2019 at Hotel Sirius in Prishtina.

“Promoting and Protecting Children’s Rights”
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Nearly 200 participants attended and participated in the regional conference, including representatives from various Kosovo institutions, as well as representatives from Albania and North Macedonia, and representatives of beneficiary schools.

“Promotion and Protection of the children’s rights” has become an important agenda for many countries in the region. The opportunity to exchange information and learn from good practices in neighboring countries has inspired other national and regional level activities aimed at promoting and protecting the rights of children. By setting a working example of a regional cooperation in the project, with our partners in Albania and North Macedonia, we have encouraged a region-wide approach to the matter.

The project "Promoting and Protecting Children’s Rights" aimed to empower local communities to improve child protection measures through awareness raising, mediation and peaceful conflict resolution. The goal of the project was to create friendly and non-violent environments for children in Kosovo schools through targeted actions of civil society organizations and local communities to promote children's rights.

Furthermore the project achievements reached: 13683 direct beneficiaries student; 11 Kickoff and information sessions; 140 resolved cases of violence; 250 school principals, teachers and parents trained for peer mediation and conflict resolution; 287 students trained for peer mediation and conflict resolution; 30 new trainers for peer mediation and conflict transformation; 166 training days; 13 publications; 10 beneficiary NGOs; 13 municipalities involved; 40 beneficiary schools from rural area.

In addition to KEC and forumZFD, project was also implemented with the work of 10 local NGO beneficiaries of this project, working in the field of children's rights. Moreover, the contribution of their work was very important throughout the implementation period, because they directly helped create mechanisms within the school for a safer environment and peaceful conflict resolution, since the focus of the project was to create mediation clubs at schools.

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