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German cities and communities are faced with enormous challenges nowadays. Social, structural und demographic change as well as immigration are having a great impact on the way of life. This can lead to conflicts and social tensions. Since 2006, the forumZFD has been counselling German communities on how to deal with such challenges.

Here you will find further information about our Germany programme (in English)

For more detailed information (in German), please visit the Website of our Germany programme


The legacy of the Lebanese civil war (1975-1989), three consecutive wars in 1993, 1996 and 2006, the ongoing crisis in Syria and the dramatic situation of the Syrian refugees continue to shape the political discourse as well as day-to-day life at community level in Lebanon. The forumZFD has been working in the country since 2009. Seven peace experts develop projects in the area of dealing with the past and capacity building. The forumZFD also facilitates the dialogue between Lebanese host communities and Syrian refugees, thus supporting their integration and reducing the likelihood of violent outbreaks of conflict.

For more information please visit the Website of our Lebanon programme


On the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines, various conflicts overlap. The main one is the conflict between the rebel group Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Philippine Government. On top of that, fighting over resources as well as decades of Communist rebellion create a volatile situation on Mindanao. The forumZFD works together with partners from civil society, the media and state institutions in order to overcome this culture of violence. It aims at fostering mutual understanding and strengthening structures of communication and cooperation. The focus of this peace intervention lies on enhancing media competencies, integrating education for peace into the training of teachers and managing conflicts at community level.

For more information please visit the Website of our Philippines programme

Western Balkans

The wars of the 1990s and their aftermath are still very much present in the states succeeding former Yugoslavia. Till today, each country, each ethnic group, each conflict party is nurturing its own selective memory of these events. Stereotypes of the enemy are thus preserved, and there are still many conflicts with an enormous potential of turning violent. The forumZFD works in this region with a focus on dealing with the past and capacity building for peace. It aims at discrediting militancy in public debates, overcoming stereotypes of the enemy and promoting a culture of non-violence.

For more information please visit the Website of our Westernbalkan programme

Israel & Palestine

Since 1999 forumZFD is active in Israel and Palestine. The forumZFD's approach to conflict-transformation is to work in both societies, the Israeli and the Palestinian (society), and across the border. Our goal is to strengthen civil society organizations that strive for peace with non-violent means. We want to stimulate change from within the societies. forumZFD is based in Jerusalem and uses its all partisanship to work with organizations from all over Israel and Palestine.

For more information please visit the Website of our Israel & Palestine programme


The legacy of decades of conflict finds its expression in the ways the Cambodian society deals with conflicts on various levels. With its new programme, Forum Civil Peace Service (forumZFD) together with various partners seeks to document existing peaceful approaches of conflict transformation in order to show there relevance in today's society. Beside this, violent ways of dealing with conflict also still exists and are partly a consequence of the past. Here the programme of forumZFD intends to introduce alternative means of conflict transformation and to strengthen various actors in their endeavor for non-violent ways of conflict transformation.

For more information please visit the Website of our Cambodia programme