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Peace with Women's Face exhibition opened in Prijedor

opened on 5th October at the city Theater of Prijedor

The exhibition is a result of cooperation and efforts of the women’s peace movement Mir sa ženskim licem (Peace with Women’s Face) and Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst (forumZFD) together with the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina to integrate a female perspective in the process of facing the past and peace building in Bosnia and Herzegovina and present the women’s side of the story about the survival and overcoming the consequences of war.
Peace with Women's Face exhibition opened in Prijedor 2
© forumZFD / Initiative Peace with women's face

This exhibition is dedicated to women that have led small (and big) fights for their rights in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina and have rebuilt the war-torn society. For the exhibition, the biography and important messages of twenty women were selected. Women who survived rape, domestic violence, lost family members, saved neighbors and unknown persons, women who did not stay passive, but stood up, fought for their rights and the rights of others, empowered women, believe in equality of all and solidarity. The twenty women shown in the exhibition are from all places, different ages, courses of lives and different background. Through the exhibition, the organizers want to highlight the specific experiences of women during and after the war, add important aspects to the mainly male dominated ethno-centric narratives of war and peace.

More than 40 visitors were at the opening of the exhibition and the exhibition was open to the public till 10 October. 

The catalogue of the exhibition could be downloaded from this link.

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