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​Peace Education

in Davao

Peace Education in Davao
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Peaceful societies begin with learning about what peace means and how to deal with conflicts in a non-violent manner. Providing peace education is one of the cornerstones of  the foundations for peace. This requires capable teachers who can teach and be a role model for non-violence in the classroom. forumZFD Philippines trains future teachers on how they can discuss peace and conflict issues with their students.

In 2013, forumZFD launched a Teaching Guide for the integration of peace education in teacher education, in cooperation with the Commission on Higher Education (Davao region) and universities. The Teaching guide includes, among others, issues like social justice, challenging prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination, and tools on nonviolent conflict resolution. forumZFD continuously updates the Guide with new insights. Supporting teachers in using the Guide in their curricula and organizing peace events in schools is part of our daily work.

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