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Peace and Conflict in Political Science

in Davao

Political Science Teachers in a Workshop on Peace Education
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In our effort to introduce peace education in a variety of disciplines in Mindanao higher education, we started working with political science teachers in Davao. Together we are creating opportunities to integrate peace and conflict issues, specifically geared to the conflicts in Mindanao, in the political science curricula. Discussing peace and conflict subjects in the classroom offers a platform for students to be engaged in Mindanao peace processes early on. Not only can their voices be heard, it will also serve their participation in peace discussions in their future career.

As a first step in this project, we have developed a curriculum. The next steps to follow are to develop education materials, a teaching guide, and to train teachers on how to use these materials in their classrooms. We combine classroom learning with informal learning projects, such as organizing peace activities at schools, or film screenings.

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