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Online course on Nonviolent Communication in Arabic

The course starts 27th November 2019 for 1 year-online course on Nonviolent Communication in Arabic. Register now!

forumZFD Lebanon is collaborating with New York Center for Nonviolent Communication (NYCNVC) to support the participants of Arabic-language online course on Nonviolent Communication Altarahum provided by NYCNVC. We will be organizing monthly meetings for these participants to connect and practice with each other. These meetings will be facilitated by forumZFD trainer Hassan Salha, starting from the 9th December 2019.

Hassan Salha
© Hassan Salha

The Altarahum Course is a comprehensive one-year online course for anyone who wants more compassion, understanding, and harmony in their life and in our world. Among others, participants learn how to identify, handle and communicate emotions and needs better. They can create more peace inside themselves as well as more peaceful relationships with their friends, families, colleagues and within their communities.

The course is open to everyone. No prior knowledge is required. Interested individuals can find more information and register here. Once registered, the participants receive weekly emails on specific topics (such as feelings, needs, observations, judgements, anger, compassion, etc.), with personal stories and exercises to practice. The Facebook page offers additional videos and testimonials. More information in English can also be found on the page of compassion course, the English equivalent of Altarahum.

forumZFD collaborates with NYCNVC to offer this exceptional opportunity in order to help spread the culture and practice of Nonviolence in Lebanon.

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