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NEW ISSUE OUT: Balkan.Perspectives, No. 11:

Two decades on: Memorialization continues to unify and divide us. June-July 2019

This week, the latest edition of Balkan.Perspectives was released on social media and the regional Dealing with the Past (DWP) website:

Balkan.Perspectives #11
© forumZFD

This 11th edition tackles memorialization of the recent past, with contributing authors, from across the region, exploring how memorialization effects the way communities deal with their recent past, particularly the militarized one.

In an ethnically diverse, culture rich region, what are the consequences of public memorials symbolizing a singular identity, or in some cases, a new identity? Where the exclusion of ‘others’ in public memorials, be they women, ethnic and religious minorities, missing persons (etc), only drives a wedge between these groups in society. Must citizens then come forward with their own efforts to commemorate those who are otherwise forgotten?

When memories are divided, societies are divided.

What can be done publicly, to broaden our understanding of the recent past and move towards inclusion and reconciliation?


What is Balkan.Perspectives?

Balkan.Perspectives is a regional magazine on dealing with the past (DWP) – and is a joint collaboration between forumZFD offices of the western Balkans (Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and North Macedonia). Each issue tackles one DWP topic - to challenge general perceptions, encourage debate and practice critical thinking. Published in 4 languages - English, Albanian, Bosno-Croato-Serbian, and Macedonian – this regional project is contributed to by authors from each of the four countries.

The magazine serves as a platform for local actors to present their work regionally and to add to conflict-sensitive discourse on the past, thereby increasing the visibility of alternative memorialization methods. Balkan.Perspectives is released three times per year on the DWP website In addition to this, a printed version of all issues from that year, is presented at an annual public regional event – this year (2019) to be held in Belgrade, Serbia; the event includes diverse panel discussions that explore the main themes addressed in the magazine from the whole year.

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