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The new Balkan.Perspectives magazine #19 is out!

“Youth and Dealing with the Past”

This Balkan.Perspectives edition is dedicated to the young generations in the Western Balkans; to their motivations and challenges in the various realms connected to dealing with the past, peace building, and reconciliation processes.
The new Balkan.Perspectives magazine #19 “Youth and Dealing with the Past” is out!
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This Balkan.Perspectives edition seeks to emphasise that the younger generations – amongst other actors – play an essential role in dealing with the past, peace building, and reconciliation processes on the grassroots, national, regional, and international level. Therefore, this edition’s articles elaborate on the ascriptions surrounding youth and dealing with the past in the countries of the Western Balkans and shed light on the youth’s agency and potential roles in dealing with the past processes, as well as the obstacles they face. The contributors inquire about the motivation of youth activists, researchers, or journalists and ask: who are those “young persons” engaged in areas as diverse as peace building, discussing the region’s troubled past, environmental issues, community mobilisation and more?

In this edition we have several articles which seek to describe, analyse, and make sense out of the role of the youth in the Western Balkans in the context of dealing with the past. In this regard, Ajna Jusić describes in her contribution the current situation and challenges faced by the “youth generation” in Bosnia and Hercegovina to be able to contribute to a peaceful living-together. Blendi Hodai emphasises the role of youth in the reconciliation processes in North Macedonia, whereas Nevena Radosavljević describes the youth as a fermenter for change in Kosovo. You can also read Art Sylaj’s appeal to Kosovo’s youth to acquire a critical mindset on their identity and their own position, which can go on to support a common understanding. Nikola Vučić inquires which responsibilities the young journalist generation in Bosnian Hercegovina has. Abdulla Ahmedi critically reflects on youth policies in Serbia and is seconded by interview fragments by Divna Prusac with Jelena Božić, Stefan Janjić, Nataša Ivaneža, and Miloš Perović.

With the current Balkan.Perspectives issue we also invite you to listen to the fourth edition of our podcast from Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia. Find all the episodes on our Dealing with the Past website. You can also subscribe to the podcast and get automatic updates via your preferred Streamservice like Spotify, Apple Podcast or Google Podcast.


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