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New Atlas documents Crimes in Bosnian War

@ Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

More than 10 000 visitors already opened the online version of the Bosnian War Crimes Atlas in only one week. This high interest exceeded the expectations of the organisations involved by far.

  “Bosnian War Crime Atlas, 1992-1995” 1
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In 2019, the Research and Documentation Center, Sarajevo (RDC) and Network for Building Peace, in cooperation with forumZFD BiH, organized presentations of the Bosnian War Crimes Atlas 1992-1995 throughout the region. In total 22 presentations were organized, 12 in Bosnia and Herzegovina and 10 in Serbia, Croatia and Kosovo. 

The final presentation, on 12.12.2019 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), saw the official launching of the Atlas online, on RDC’s web portal

The Atlas uses Google Earth technology and documentary evidence from multiple sources, including the RDC archive, to provide a geographically precise and browsable map locating sites of crimes, damage, and human casualties documented from the war in BiH (1992-1995). Anyone who has access to Internet can visit the RDC’s web portal, get the Atlas’s file and using Google Earth zoom to the map of Bosnia, and then zoom further to all areas of the country to see locations of mass graves, mass killings, places of rape, locations of destroyed religious, cultural and historic facilities, economic facilities and locations of memorials and monuments, all connected to the 1992-1995 war destruction.

The four volumes of the Bosnian Book of the Dead are also available on Atlas to download for free on the link:

ForumZFD BiH supported the presentations of the Bosnian War Crimes Atlas as it highly values the importance of the database and making those data publicly available. Thus, manipulations with figures and events can be countered by facts. In addition, public access allows everyone to check the data and, if need be, to request corrections and amendments. This database is the most comprehensive available in BiH. 

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