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Mindanao History Project

in Davao

Group Picture Technical Working Group Mindanao History Project
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The island of Mindanao is inhabited by groups of various religious descent and identity, namely Indigenous Peoples, Muslim-Filipinos, and Christian migrants. The aim of forumZFD`s Mindanao History Project (MinHis) is to connect relevant local as well as national actors and promote a conflict sensitive roadmap, detailing the establishment of a national history that is inclusive of Mindanaoan identity groups.

History education matters because it serves as the dominant source of what future generations perceive as their personal and collective past. The inclusion of the historical narratives of minority groups and dealing with the historical injustices they experienced in the past is a crucial step towards reaching understanding and reconciliation. Therefore, an inclusive and interfaced history education that not only mentions minorities but represents their perspectives is of principal importance.

The Mindanao History Project anchors this issue by connecting and supporting Mindanaoan civil society, academe, and national government institutions. The project started with the conference “Conversation on Mindanaoan History and its Integration in the Philippine Education System” organized by forumZFD together with Al Qalam Institute at Ateneo de Davao University (August 2018) which led to the formation of the Technical Working Group (TWG). The TWG consists of Mindanaoan and national experts on education and history, including representatives of each identity group. Their stated aim is to create a roadmap, describing a feasible and conflict sensitive approach to interface Mindanaoan histories and studies into the Philippine education system.

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