Media and Arts for Social Change

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forumZFD’s work has a strong focus on narratives. Narratives define how people make sense of the world around them. They carry their thoughts, emotions, and interpretations, shape political decisions, and the way in which people relate to themselves and others. At forumZFD, we believe that media and art are important spaces where narratives get constructed, disseminated, and contested. As such, they can be used as a tool for conflict transformation.

With our work in the field of media and arts for social change, we want to enhance the voices of those who are misrepresented and marginalized. Through participatory approaches, we support them to use media and art as a means for self-representation and as a tool to challenge harmful stereotypes. We do this by creating content together, conceptualizing campaigns, and organizing capacity building in areas like digital security, storytelling, and participatory reporting. Together with our partners, we also engage in international advocacy and lobbying initiatives, which challenge black and white discourses about Palestine and Israel abroad. Lastly, we offer our partners organizational development consultations for local media and arts initiatives. Like this, we seek to strengthen their ability to promote alternative narratives