Making Europe Strong as a Peace Project

Act Now. For Peace. For Human Rights.

In light of the EU Summit results, seven civil society organisations demand an increase of funding for peace and human rights. The organisations call on the European Parliament, the European Council and the EU Commission to revisit the budget deal in the upcoming negotiations.
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Making Europe Strong as a Peace Project
Act Now. For Peace. For Human Rights.


To the European Council
To the European Parliament
To the President of the European Commission

The coronavirus crisis shows us that what hitherto seemed impossible becomes feasible when determination meets political will. Now Europe must act in solidarity. Now we need every euro to build a just, sustainable and peaceful world.

In 2012 the European Union received the Nobel Peace Prize. But it is doing less and less justice to this award: the member states are gradually turning the EU into a fortress and investing less and less in non-violent conflict management.

We urge you to change course!

Now is the time to finally stop armament and isolation and to make Europe strong as a peace project!

Stand up for a European Union that advocates for peace and human rights - within Europe and worldwide.

To this end, strengthen the European Union as a mediator in conflicts and finally invest more in civil peace missions and crisis prevention. We request €7 bn. for non-violent conflict transformation and peacebuilding and €3 bn. for the promotion of human rights and democracy in the next EU financial framework (2021-2027).

Stop trying to fend off refugees and migrants by any means.

The planned expansion of the budget for the EU border management agency FRONTEX with a permanent staff reserve of 10,000 is disproportionate. Organizations specially armed by the EU, such as the Libyan coast guard, repeatedly carry out repatriations of refugees in violation of international law and human rights. Refrain from military aid and arms exports to states and militias that violate human rights or wage war. Work towards tightening and strict compliance with the European criteria for arms export controls.

Ensure that Europe delivers on its commitments to poverty reduction and sustainable development.

European development funds must be fully allocated to poverty reduction, food security, education, health and peace promotion. These funds must not be misappropriated to fight migration. It is unacceptable that EU aid should be given primarily to states that in return promise to prevent people from fleeing and migrating to Europe.

Offer people in need the protection they need. Strengthen the right to asylum.

Do not allow people to die on the borders of Europe any longer. Ensure that people seeking protection receive a fair asylum procedure in Europe and are not turned away at the gates of the EU. "Preliminary checks" at the external borders of Europe violate existing international law. All refugees who reach Europe must be given humane and safe accommodation. Close the camps on the Greek islands! Do not send people seeking protection back to countries where there is a threat of torture or persecution or a war is ongoing.

Stand up for international cooperation and solidarity - the world must face global crises like the coronavirus pandemic together.

Strengthen the United Nations to successfully contain the virus and manage the economic and social consequences. For the current and future challenges of our time, especially the climate crisis, we need strong institutions of international cooperation.

Europe must lead the way.

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