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The Long Reach of Short Films

Telling Stories of Peace in Mindanao

Poster The Long Reach of Short Films
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Our view of the conflicts in Mindanao is shaped by the stories we read, watch and hear through the mainstream media. These stories are often centered on the violence occurring in the region. Of course, the reality of violent conflict cannot be ignored, but there are also stories of hope and peace such as reconciliation between warring clans, resilience of communities and mediators ending violent escalations. These stories of peace abound, but often escape the attention of mainstream media.

“The Long Reach of Short Films – Telling Stories of Peace in Mindanao” challenges the preconceptions of Mindanao and contributes to a bigger picture of what Mindanao is today. With our support, eight filmmakers produced short documentaries telling the stories of peace and conflict transformation in different parts of Mindanao. The short films are screened at various film festivals and peace events at schools, enabling discussions amongst students about realities in Mindanao and their role in creating a peaceful society.

The following short films have been produced as part of the series:

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