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Launching the Third Space

forumZFD’s long-term partner Beit Ha'Gefen opens a new space for visitors to explore narratives of multicultural society

Is “home” more of a space or a feeling? What is easier – to be the host or the guest? What does your living room reveal about you? What happens when you take the inside outside? What do we have in common? All of these and more are questions that visitors of the “ Third Space”, a newly-opened art and education project of our partner Beit Ha'Gefen, are confronted with.
artwork at Jewish-Arab cultural center
© Ben-Shalom

As part of our long-term partnership with the Arab-Jewish cultural center Beit Ha'Gefen, forumZFD has accompanied and supported the development of the Third Space. The Third Space is an interactive space for art and education that recently opened its doors to visitors in Haifa. Entering the Third Space is a multi-sensory experience: video art, installations, paintings, furniture and interactive activities are carefully curated by a diverse group of artists. Together, their work forms a space that challenges sterotypes and invites you to re-evaluate the narratives you grew up with.

© Ben-Shalom

At the core of all of this is the notion of “home”; there is a carpet made entirely of spices, the strangest kitchen tools of the entire Middle East, a living room where you can relax and listen to a Moroccan version of “Cinderella”.

Who would have thought that this beautiful carpet is made entirly of spices?

With the Third Space, Beit Ha'Gefen sets out to re-examine dominant narratives and stereotypes in the public discourse. Thereby, it opens up space – both physically and metaphorically - for perspectives, identities, and stories to exchange and for visitors to explore the diverse narratives of multi-cultural societies.

These family portraits will not hesitate to share their tales with you!    

If you are around, don’t miss the chance to visit the Third Space
Open for individual visits Monday & Thursday 10:00-15:00, Friday 10:00-14:00
Groups can coordinate their visit via or at +972-4-8525252    

About Beit Ha'Gefen: Beit Ha'Gefen is an Arab-Jewish cultural center and has a been a partner of forumZFD since 2016. Based in the mixed harbor city of Haifa in the North of Israel, Beit Ha'Gefen is a nonprofit organization that strives to establish equalitarian, shared spaces that capture the diversity of identities and cultures in Israel and worldwide. The center is active in the fields of culture, art, education, and alternative tourism. Their work is based on the conviction that an encounter and familiarity with another culture, its stories, culture, and spirituality, are essential for breaking down barriers and building trust between the different national and religious groups in Haifa and beyond.


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