Laban is a theater-based organization, founded in 2009, that uses improvised theater and its various forms and other different interactive theatrical and artistic tools to create safe spaces for dialogue, storytelling, and improvisation. Laban aims to contribute to advancing civic engagement, promoting freedom of expression, and increasing empathic bonds within and between different communities in Lebanon.

Laban's Theater troupe consists of 20 members from various social, professional, and national backgrounds, working in a collective to perform, grow and instill change in their communities and themselves, together. They are trained in Playback Theater, Improvisational Theater, Theater of the Oppressed and its derivative forms (Invisible Theater, Forum Theater), by local and international experts.

The Theater they do can be used in schools, universities, local communities, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, prisons, and many other settings. The topics can vary from social, political, psychological and any other field required, with high flexibility in using our formats to fit both the topic and the hosting community.

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