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The Kutawato Multimedia Network (KuMuNet)

in Cotabato

The Kutawato Multimedia Network (KuMuNet) is an open network of local civil society organizations existing since 2010. It emerged from a series of journalism and multimedia workshops organized by forumZFD. The CSOs recognized the need for a common strategy of peace advocacy to address gaps in the understanding of the Mindanao conflict and reach out to a broader audience. The focus of KuMuNet is to strengthen each organizations advocacy work, develop and share communication skills, and create common strategies and projects.

Kutawato Multimedia Network (KuMuNet)
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To overcome the existing information gap in the Bangsamoro Peace process, KuMuNet produces a weekly radio program ‘Bangsamoro Ngayon: Tinig ng Kapayapaan’ (Bangsamoro Today: The Voice of Peace). In addition, KuMuNet members are advocating, and participating in conflict sensitive approaches to journalism. They underwent extensive training on the subject conducted by forumZFD in partnership with the Peace and Conflict Journalist Network (PECOJON) and the Notre Dame Broadcasting Corporation (NDBC).

At present, KuMunet has also explored the field of film-making to produce alternative narratives that aim to promote positive stories of Mindanao. The objective is to encourage people to shape new ideas, perspectives, and awareness towards other groups affected by and involved in the conflict, and thereby promote understanding, tolerance, respect, and co-existence.

At present, the KuMuNet members are:

  • Action for Advancement and Development in Mindanao (AFADMin)
  • Bangsamoro Center for Justice and Peace (BCJP)
  • Balay Mindanao Foundation Incorporated (BMFI)
  • BALAY Rehabiltiation Center (BALAY)
  • Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society (CBCS)
  • DXUP Teleradyo
  • Kadtuntaya Foundation , Inc. (KFI)
  • Mindanao Action for Peace and Development (MAPAD)
  • Mindanao Peoples Peace Movement (MPPM)
  • Mindanao Peoples Caucus (MPC)
  • Moro Women Development and Cultural Center (MWDECC)
  • Mindanao Human Rights Action Center (MinHRAC)
  • Regional Reconciliation and Unification Commission (RRUC)
  • United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD)
  • United Youth of the Philippines-Women (UnYPhil- Women)
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