Call for Applications - Virtual workshop facilitation of a PM&E team meeting


ForumZFD supports people involved in violent conflicts on the path to peace and strives to help overcome war and violence. We are currently working with peace consultants in Germany, as well as eleven other countries in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. Our Academy for Conflict Transformation offers a learning space for professional, international peace work. Through dialogue events, educational work and campaigns, we actively advocate civil peace policy. ForumZFD thereby follows a systemic approach to conflict transformation that views conflict and its progression as a complex system and deals with its structural causes, as well as the actions, the behavior and the attitudes of the involved parties.

ForumZFD is recognized by the German federal government as a member of the Civil Peace Service (CPS) consortium. Our work is financed through public and private grants, donations and membership fees.

Rationale of the assignment

Generally, the PM&E Team of forumZFD meets each 6 - 8months on a physical basis in one of the programme countries forumZFD is working in, or in Germany, to visit at the same time the Head Office in Cologne. Because of COVID-19 the first annual meeting (April 2020) had to be cancelled and was postponed to the second annual planned meeting in October 2020. To implement the second meeting in October, guaranteeing an important exchange of the team, related to its team building process, forumZFD is requesting the support of an external moderator. An external moderator is needed, as the PM&E Manager is part of the team and also each PM&E Advisor should have the opportunity to be involved completely instead of facilitating parts of the workshop. The task of the external moderator is to facilitate the meeting, prepare the inputs and take into consideration already established guidelines and ideas from the team.

Target group

PM&E Team (10 PM&E Advisor, 1 PM&E Manager). To support, elaborate and strengthen forumZFD´s PM&E (Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation) processes each programme offers the position of one PM&E Advisor (10 in this moment, as some positions are in hand over processes). The PM&E Advisors are part of the programme teams and don´t work in a physical PM&E team in each programme. Because of this, they are part of a physical programme team, and of a virtual PM&E team, guided and lead by a PM&E Manager, who accompanies the processes from the Head Office (HO) in Cologne and through frequent visits to the countries, face to face Skypes and other follow-up processes. The PM&E Advisors wear several hats in this case. Roles and Responsibilities towards their programme team and programme in general are defined through ToR and other guideline documents. The role of the PM&E team, the responsibilities of each member and the communication structures are still not clear defined and communicated. Moreover, the team is established since end of 2017, new team members entered, older ones are leaving. The workshop should point out the challenges the team faced since 2017, how it answered these challenges, what are strengthens of the team, and where it can improve, especially related to communication and exchange.

Time frame of the assignment

19 – 22nd of October 2020 (8.00-11.30 MET) Workshop time

Preparation: 2 days

Follow-up: 2 days (minutes, recommendations, de-briefing of workshop)

Team affiliation or other affiliations

The Consultant/workshop facilitator is generally supervised, affiliated to and guided by the PM&E Manager at the forumZFD Head Office in Cologne, Germany.

Scope of Work

As the PM&E process in forumZFD is recent, many PM&E Advisors started between 2018 and 2019 their work, and some positions had personnel changes in 2020. It is very important to define the role of the PM&E Team, their responsibilities and communication structures as team, without creating an additional team structure, that minimizes the connection to the physical team in the programme offices. Moreover, it is an international team, some PM&E Advisors are native from the programme countries, others are external, and some work 100%, other work part-time, depending on the structure of each programme. The four days (4hours/day) of team building should focus on the following topics:

  • Elaborate an analysis of the first three years (end of 2017-2020) as PM&E team, including challenges, lessons learned, personnel changes, a SWOT of the team, etc.
  • Define the role of the PM&E team and the responsibilities of the team members (including the PM&E Manager), taking into consideration other responsibilities each member has in his/her programme and in the HO
  • Define exchange formats between the team
  • Farewell of “old” team members – as during the meeting will be the former and the new PM&E Advisors of the following programmes: Lebanon, Israel/Palestine, Jordan

The moderator should focus on these topics, and be able to facilitate the workshop online.

Profile and eligibility criteria of the consultant/ trainer

  • At least 5 years experience in accompanying team processes
  • Experience in virtual workshop facilitation (at least 5 concrete examples to be mentioned), including participatory and creative methods
  • At least 5 years experience in the work with international and intercultural teams
  • Knowledge about the Civil Peace Service and its work in general
  • No deep PM&E knowledge is requested
  • Fluent in English

Submission of proposals

All qualified consultants are invited to submit an offer or expression of interest (in English) to conduct this workshop for forumZFD. Please include a cover letter explaining your motivation, working approach(es) and why you are most suitable for this work, your CV, a detailed methodology (facilitation approach, how to deal with international virtual teams and role clarification) of how to conduct and design the workshop, your remuneration expectation and information on your availability.

For further information, you may contact Lisa Picott ( We look forward to receiving your expression of interest by August 5, 2020. Please apply online at

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