Strengthening dialogue and understanding

Building bridges instead of stirring up hatred

It is more difficult to hate the other side when you understand it. In the midst of the tensions in Israel and Palestine, forumZFD therefore supports projects that focus on dialogue and understanding. The aim is to build bridges between the communities.

forumZFD supports the Combatants for Peace former fighters from Israel and Palestine who are now working together for peace.

Peace through understanding by means of concrete initiatives

Dialogue is a key tool in our work to overcome the deep divisions between the people of Israel and Palestine. We support initiatives that enable direct talks between the communities in order to break down prejudices and promote mutual understanding.

Together for peace

One of our most important partners for peace in the Middle East is Combatants for Peace. This unique initiative brings together former combatants from Israel and Palestine to work together for peace. By sharing their experiences and carrying out joint activities, they promote mutual understanding and respect.

The organization "Standing Together" mobilizes Jewish and Palestinian people in Israel.

In addition to Combatants for Peace, we support a large number of initiatives and networks working for peace in Israel and Palestine, including the Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy (PCPD), Taghyeer and the organization "Standing Together".

forumZFD supports the important work of our partners by

  • Providing training in non-violent communication to strengthen members' skills as peace ambassadors.
  • Providing platforms for dialogue and exchange that enable bridges to be built between different communities.
  • Support public events and campaigns that raise awareness of peace work and reach a broader public.

This close cooperation with local peace organizations is an example of how deep-rooted conflicts can be overcome and positive change brought about.